To Anyone
01. Can’t Nobody
02. Go Away
03. 박수쳐 (Clap Your Hands)
04. 나 바빠 (I’m Busy)
05. 아파 (Slow)
06. 사랑은 아야야 (Love is Ouch)
07. You and I
08. Please Don’t Go
09. Kiss
10. 날 따라 해봐요 (Try to follow me)
11. I Don’t Care (Reggae Mix)
12. Can’t Nobody (English Ver.)

01. Fire (Japanese Version)
02. Scream
03. Go Away (Japanese Version)
04. Follow Me (Japanese Version)
05. I Don’t Care (Japanese Version)
06. I Am the Best (Japanese Version)
07. It Hurts (Japanese Version)
08. Clap Your Hands (Japanese Version)
09. Love is Ouch (Japanese Version)
10. Ugly (Japanese Version)
11. Like a Virgin (from Madonna)

Mini Albums

First Mini-Album
01. Fire
02. I Don’t Care
03. In The Club
04. Let’s Go Party
05. Pretty Boy
06. Stay Together
07. 롤리팝 (Lollipop) (빅뱅 & 2NE1)

Second Mini-Album
01. 내가 제일 잘 나가 (I am the best)
02. UGLY
03. Lonely
04. Hate You
05. Don’t Cry
06. Don’t Stop The Music

01. I Am The Best (Japanese Version)
02. Ugly (Japanese Version)
03. Lonely (Japanese Version)
04. Hate You (Japanese Version)
05. Don’t Stop The Music (Japanese Version)


I Love You
01. I Love You


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